Media Kit

Why Advertise?

Advertising increases  the likelihood that more consumers will know who you are when they are ready to buy.  Consumers who buy from you almost always buy from a business that they know about before their need occurred.  The trick is finding the right medium for your business and budget.  We think we can help.

How do you get your fair share of consumer spending? Being known before you are needed is one of the most powerful advantages your business can own.  Research shows, for more business types, about 80% of consumers know of a good option at the time of need.  Adversely, if you’re not a business that comes to mind, your odds of being considered for most categories is less than 1% for a consumer searching in directories or online.

Advertising has other important benefits: It helps defend your revenue from competitors.  It encourages repeat business.  And it can improve employee morale, which makes it easier to hire the best people.

Advertising in Chicago Sports Journal is designed to benefit our clients by developing custom plans based on your needs.  It can be long-term customer development or short-term  to build traffic for special event.

When you work with Chicago Sports Journal, you’re partnering with local sports newspaper focused on getting you results.  We’re a community-focused sports newspaper; we’re invested in your success.

Strategically combining different advertising platforms can help you reach your marketing goals, and that’s our goal.

Clients work with us for our ideas.  We’re able to execute these plans using recorded ads, live endorsements, promotions, live events, display advertising, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and email marketing, to name a few.

                                               Who Are Your Customers ?

  • Chicago Sports Journal readers have above average incomes and good jobs.
  • Chicago Sports Journal reaches working adults in Chicago and suburbs.
  • Chicago Sports Journal features exclusive popular sports programming columns and other columns that no other newspapers do.
  • Chicago Sports Journal reaches four counties in Chicagoland area.

So should you advertise?  Absolutely.

To see how we can help you, we invite you to call us or txt us at 1.312.489.7463. We look forward to hearing from you today.

(Advertising Sizes)

Three Inch Display Ad – Front Page 

3 inches sq.

¼ Page

5”w X 7-3/4”d or 10-1/8w X 3-3/4”d

½ Page

10-1/8”w X 7-3/4”d or 5”w X 15-5/8”d or 5”w X 15-5/8”d

Full Page/Back Page

10-1/8”w X 15-5/8”d

Rate Card No. 6      September 1, 2020    Effective

Full Page Ad          $810.00

Half Page Ad         $590.00

¼ Page Ad             $445.00

Back Page Ad       $880.00

½ Front Page Ad  $610.00

Traffic Safety Message    $115.00

For Two Issues

Front Display Ad               $310.00

Three Inches

Two Issues

Flyers/Menu Inserts        $70.00

Per Thousand

Add Color                          $200.00

Good Advertising Begins With Good Information 

It’s difficult for us to help you get results using newspaper advertising without knowing first how you are today. We like to begin by gathering information about your business and from there, we state the problem or where opportunities may lay and then work on a solution. 

Our Proven 3-Step System Well Get You Results 

For it to work, you must be committed and you must stay the course. When done correctly, Newspaper Advertising can: 

  • Create Store Traffic 
  • Attract New Customers 
  • Boost And Maintain Moral 
  • Encourage Repeat Business 
  • Keeps Your Business Top-Of-Mind 
  • Keeps You In The Competitive Race 
  • Gives Your Business A Successful Image 

Step #1 – Customer Needs Analysis 

A professional member of our well-trained staff will conduct an in-depth Customer Needs Analysis of your business. Just like a doctor must examine a patient before he can prescribe the proper treatment, our Customer Needs Analysis allows us to recommend the proper advertising plan for your business. 

Step #2 – Making The Plan Work 

The key here is to commit to the plan. You should never start and advertising campaign with the intention of stopping. Results don’t come overnight.  Advertising is a process – not an event. A great offer clearly and creatively stated and repeated enough times will produce positive, profitable results for your company. 

Step #3 – Monitoring The Results 

We follow up with you as often as needed to re-evaluate the current plan and see if any changes are needed.